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Groove Belt NWTF Olive/Black



Here at Groove, when we see a need around the office, we create a solution. No coffee? Make some. No food? Kill some. Those “on the fly” hunting trips don’t come without a little discourse. Sometimes your pants fall off! We needed a solution to our waist laden troubles and we found it in the Groove Belt.

Proprietary webbing, rare-earth neodymium magnets and an A380 aluminum alloy buckle are all just part of what makes the Groove Belt awesome. There’s also a little something that we like to call Stiff-Tech™ (aka: no folding in your belt loops) and the perfect amount of stretch for those nights when you’ve had too much fried food.

Featuring the official National Wild Turkey Federation logo on a black buckle, and olive drab webbing, this is the perfect belt to complete your gear collection.

Don’t waist your time on any other belt. Get a Groove Belt and hunt like a true outdoorsman starting now! It’s hip!

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